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Related post: Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 ukraine childmodels 16:35:28 -0800 From: Gary Pinto Subject: Part 3: "RANDY SHELLY""RANDY SHELLY" By Max the Cat (b/b-M/b-MM/bb-M/b) Comments and Suggestions to gmony6gmail.comPart 3: Me in a Feature Film?" Randy arraigned for Bobby Liu to spend the night. His aunts went to their favorite hunt, Bingo! He and Bobby got behind the computer and surfed. Randy went into the bathroom and reappeared naked "where's your clothes?" Bobby asked. "I like being naked Bobby, especially when I'm on the computer, why don't you do the same?" Bobby went along with Randy, they had sucked each other and they were alone. Randy quickly found Channel 6969 and Bobby's black eyes were wide. Randy's free hand found Bobby's uncut cock and wanked it as the headed into the chat rooms. Sal was waiting and Randy 16yr nude models had Bobby standing high and hard "hey sweetie, who's your friend?" Sal surprised them. Bobby put his hands over his hard, throbbing penis. Randy smiling said "hi Sal this is Bobby, I told you about he and I sucking each other." Bobby cringed at what Randy was saying. He was still hard, but blushing he poked Randy "don't say that Randy, it was just you and I." Randy giggled Bobby I've been fucking Sal and his friends, right Sal?" "Sal smiled "you bet Randy, the movie we made japanise model pics was a bit hit with B.T.W. in fact they want you for a couple more, has Bobby been fucked yet?" Bobby almost fainted "No Sal, I bet you'd like to fuck him, right?" Sal licked his art teens models lips "you've been reading my mind, can I fuck you Bobby?" Bobby couldn't speak; he just shook his black hair covered head. Randy pushed on "Sal I petite glamour model cindymodel video have his hard cock in my 10 yo models hand, I'm wanking him, stand up Bobby, show Sal models nonudes your cock." Randy pulled the cock up and Bobby had to rise. Sal whistled "I got to have him Randy; my friends will want him also!" 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Randy lay on his back and Bobby's pudgy body moved above Randy, he licked forward as Randy's mouth engulfed Bobby's cock. The feeling Bobby's mouth slide over Randy's cock until his lips kissed the base made Bobby buck forward. The sucking began in earnest, Sal enjoyed the show. Randy's fingers resumed their penetration of Bobby's hole, one finger became two and Sal stood up, his big purple headed cock in his hand. Bobby looked to the side and saw Sal jacking off, he returned to suck Randy teeny model top100 harder, this was making him hornier, he wanted to azani models cum so bad; Randy now had three fingered in his friend. Bobby tensed, his cock swelled and hot sperm flooded modell nudity Randy's mouth. Randy reciprocated and shot his sperm into Bobby's mouth. Bobby swallowed the hot sperm; he looked to the side as Sal's peach child model shot his cum on the computer andrea teen model screen! Bobby sucked harder. 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Randy bent across and put his lips to Bobby's, his red tongue entered Bobby's mouth. On Friday Sal waited at the Middle school as Randy and Bobby approached. Sal smiled and opened the door and Randy got in followed by Bobby. Soon they were off. Sal's right hand slid down Randy's pants and cupped the boys cock and balls, his thumb rolled over the head of Randy surging penis. Bobby looked at their twink nude models actions and his black jackie child model eyes got very big, he looked at Randy who head lay back, his blue vicky teen model eyes closed and his facial expressions gave Bobby the picture of Randy in ecstasy. Bobby was getting hard also. Sal drove into his driveway "you two go and strip and get prepared for my friends, ok Randy?' Randy took rangers model soldiers Bobby by the hand and led him first to the bedroom where they stripped naked, then to the bathroom. Randy introduced Bobby to the red bag and gave Bobby tinymodel jewel pics the shock of his life, but left him cleaned out and lubed with lemon flavored lube. Randy came 3 little models out lubed with cherry. In the hot tub sat three of Sal's friends Manny, Marco and Mikey. Mikey baby modelling agencies free nude models an old friend of Sal's was hot for Asian boys and when told he had a chance to deflower a twelve year old Asian boy, was there with wings on his feet. "Sal ever since you told me about this boy Bobby I've had a hard on! Randy led the naked Bobby out to the hot tub area "hi guys, here is my friend Bobby Liu." The three men turned and looked at the bit over weight young Asian. "He's mine, all mine "Mikey said. Randy and Bobby eased into the warm bubbly waters. female models butt Randy sat in-between Manny and Mario, Bobby by Mikey. The men let their hands roam over the two youngster's bodies. Randy's hands each grasped a penis, he wanked as her offered his mouth to Mario first. The man's mouth covered Randy's; his tongue probed the warm wet mouth. Mikey was frenching Bobby, his hand held the boys cock, Bobby was succumbing to the hot feeling inside of his young body, his hormones were now young teen modeles in overdrive, his breath was coming him hot pants, he squirmed as Mikey's free hand inched into Bobby's anus and past the second knuckle. Inside Bobby the finger worked around and found the boys "hot spot!" Randy whispered to the two men "let's find a towel in the sun so I can ride some cock." They found a towel under a tree and Randy had the two lay down next to each pamela teen model other, the boy-slut kneeled between them and took hold of their cocks, young models preeteen his mouth went left then right sucking the hard men, licking and nibbling, then up the underside of each. Wrapping his lips around each cock teen model 10yo and let them slide over his tongue into the depths of his tight throat. teen model advice His saliva coated each of the two men's hard weapons. Mikey led the virgin Bobby out of the tub and to a large white beach towel, laid Bobby down, he lay down alongside model girl cute of the young boy. His mouth sucked in each of the boys nipples while his hand grasped Bobby's cock tightly; young model shoot planting his thumb on teen model ru the reddish/purple head he teased the throbbing boi-cock. Bobby panted and squirmed. Randy sat back on his heels, planted a wet kiss on each corona. He straddled Manny's cock and placed it at the lubed lips of his ready hole and pushed down, the cock eased into his warm receptive body. 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Mikey added his tongue to the lemon lubed hole and tongue fucked the hole, he added a third finger, he wanted to widen the hole enough to accept his hard seven inches. Randy could feel the two cocks skewer him deeply, he was panting, they were both rubbing his spot, he was hard and throbbing, the red corona of his boi-cock throbbed and tingled, "Damn I love being fucked, it makes me cum" he nude model olivie said to himself. Randy was pushing hard on the two cocks, he could feel them begin to tremble, the tightness of his hole and the rubbing of the two cocks together were going to bring them off quickly, he ground down harder. Mikey had Bobby on his back, his legs teenie models movies wide and he nude glamour models lay between them. Holding his hard cock in miniskirt models his sexmodelsreconstruction hand he placed it at the virgin entrance of Bobby's hole and female models nude pushed hard, the ring kept him out. He whispered in Bobby's ear "push out like you have to poop, I want my cock in you." Bobby gritted his teeth, he pushed back upskirt child modelling like Mikey wanted and again Mickey asian models porn pushed hard, the ring at first held. Mickey's hips jack knifed forward the head of teen models striping his cock popped photo grils model into Booby's hole. His dark eyes were wide with surprise and Mikey again pushed hard, his cock inched into the young Asian grotto and finally Mikey's kids nudist model big balls slapped the boys ass cheeks, he was in all the way, he was fucking the boy, the boy's first ever cock and it was his. The two cocks inside modeling sex toys of Randy were throbbing, twitching and finally exploding. One after another hot jism coated the boy's insides and covered both hard spewing penises. "So much cum, your cocks are shooting so much cum in me, oh fuck I love it all" Randy love the feeling when they shot inside of him. The three collapsed in a heap of sweating, panting and satisfied flesh! Bobby felt Mikey's cock deep inside of him, it was somewhat uncomfortable and he wondered why his penis throbbed and tingled, he felt stretched, but the cock kept hitting a certain spot inside of him and it sent electric type shocks to the tip of his cock. He couldn't help it, milly teen model he locked his ankles around Mikey's midsection, and he wanted to keep him in place and continue to fuck him. Bobby was bobcat model 5600t breathing hard, Mikey's mouth covered his, Mikey's tongue tangled with his own tongue and teeny model this made his first fuck more exciting, his hips kept humping back against Mikey's thrusts, he couldn't help it, he actually like being fucked by the big hard cock, why couldn't he help it? Randy detangled himself from his two fuckers and first swallowed Mario's cock, sucking out all the cum, then he swallowed Manny's. Licking and sucking each cock clean of any excess sperm, Randy wouldn't miss a drop, and he actually craved the taste. Mikey couldn't believe how tight Bobby was, the squeezing if his cock was going to bring him to nastia mouse model a quicker climax than he wanted to have, he tightened up, he gritted his teeth, but to no avail. The head of his penis swelled, the corona became super sensitive, the piss slit opened wide and a gusher of his sperm flooded the former virgin's insides. Bobby felt the blast, it was so wet and so warn, domai upcoming models he actually loved the feeling. His cock was hard, he hadn't cum yet, but he wanted to. Mikey fell forward between the boys splayed legs, he never wanted this fuck to end, but it had and he was still inside of the boy. He moved a hand to Bobby's cock and used his thumb of the tingling head. Bobby began to pant and lurch, Mikey porno kinder model knew he had the boy and worked the cock harder until Bobby tensed up, his young cock quickly coated Mikey's hand and Mikey looking down at the well fucked Asian boy began to lick his fingers clean! Mikey's cock slipped from the pulsing hole, his sperm backed out josiemodelfree and puddle between the boy's wide legs! Randy and Bobby showered after the three men left and had pizza that Sal had ordered. The door bell rang and Sal and a man walked in, a very big dog in tow. Randy models teens lola looked at the dog "I saw him in a movie on Channel 6969, he and an Asian boy were fucking, I think porn review models his name is "Big Ralph!" Bobby put down his pizza "Ralph" what kind of a name is that for a dog? Randy got up and walked out to the back models in pantyhose yard "hey Sal wasn't he in a movie with a boy named Wing?" Sal super kids models turned "yes Randy, were going to use him in a movie if we can teenage female models find a boy who will let "Big Ralph" fuck him, you interested?" Randy stepped back "what kind is he?" Randy asked, his mind mulling over the offer by Sal. "He's destiny model a Mastiff, he's a pussy cat Randy, come here and pet him. sandra teenmodel thumbs The naked boy stepped over and ran a blue line models hand over the big monster's sexy busty models flanks; "Big Ralph" turned and licked the boy from his cock to his face. "Randy, B.T.W. does a lot of movies called a "Dog and his Boy, there very popular, if you want to do it will pay five hundred." Randy spoke "dollars?" Randy stepped back "what would I have to do? He and Sal sat down; the big canine followed and lay modells girl next to Randy. "You would have to give his cock a good sucking and swallow all his hot precum, then he would mount you and fuck you like no cock has before." Randy scratched megan models "Big Ralph's" ears "can I think about it Sal?" Sal mussed the boy's hair. ls models studio "Sure, but I have to know soon, we only have him for a week, he will be going to Germany for a puffy nipple models series of on stage dog/boy show fucks." Sal left lingerie models amateur the boy and "Big Ralph" alone. Bobby joined them. "What's up Randy?" The recently fucked ex-virgin asked. Randy told teenmodels Bobby what the offer was. "Well, are you going to do it?" Randy looked at his BF "Yea, I guess I will, five hundred is a lot of money." Bobby grinned if you do one, I'll do one I love dogs." Randy told Sal what he and Bobby discussed. Sal told Randy that he would have him and "Big Ralph" shoot it the day after tomorrow, but he would have to bring in another teen models galleries for Bobby and Bobby should do a few more men first. Randy told Bobby what Sal said, Bobby shrugged "ok" but I sure could use angels model nudist the five hundred. My uncle has used up all the money my parents left me when they died. Randy had been picked up for best porn models the shoot; Bobby was with him and sat on a lounge chair to watch the shooting of the movie. Randy and "Big Ralph" wrestled around. The boy every once in a while would jack kids best models the big canine's cock and the dog rolled over on his back so Randy kneeled and slowly pulled the big sheath back and pregnant bikini models forth, in a few minutes there was over five inches of red cock showing and dripping lubricant. Randy fitness modeling following instructions from the director ran his red tongue up and down the throbbing cock; his mouth engulfed the hot penis! "Big Ralph released another four inches of his very warm meat, Randy's blue eyes widened as "Big Ralph's" haunches knifed forward, the sucking boy's throat felt the cock lodge in the tight opening, his blue eyes watered and tears rand down his red cheeks. He young models glenda pulled his mouth away "he almost strangled me" he let the crew know. The crew chuckled. The director leaned over to Sal "wait until the amc motors models dog gives nude models 14 the kid all twelve inches." Sal gulped "twelve inches?" The filming paused for a minute, an attendant produced a spray can of "bitch in heat' and gave Randy a healthy spraying on his waiting hole. The director called action and Randy resumed the sucking of "Big Ralphs" monster sized organ. "Big Ralph" pretee asian models just laid there enjoying models twisty the boys hot sucking of his flowing penis, Randy swallowing the lubricant as fast as he could. The director then gave Randy a hand signal and the boy got on his hands and knees and "Big Ralph" rose on all fours. "Big Ralph was in charge now and began a circling of Randy. The boy kept moving on all fours. The circle grew smaller and "Big Ralph" closed in on Randy. The boy got a complete view of what hung from between "Big Ralphs" hind legs. He looked at the crew and back at the swinging organ. Randy swallowed hard; it looked bigger than the two he took together. "Big Ralph" was now behind Randy, he licked the sprayed hole. The big canine mounted Randy and clamped his front virgin models toplist paws little panthermodel around the boy's thin waist. The very long red cock hit home on the first jab and the head opened the boys hole, the next jab skewered Randy with ten inches, his head snapped to attention, this was the biggest thing he hot nn models had had inside of him, the next jab really got his attention the knot had sealed them together for the fuck of his young life. "Big Ralphs" hips pounded his insides with the very hot red penis. Randy couldn't believe how warm the cock was inside of him, the cock kept lubricating him. The cock seemed to latina super model find new places to open up inside of his body, but he loved the probing he was getting, his boi-cock was hard, it throbbed and tingled with each stab of the canine cock. The excess lube was leaking out, the back of his thin white legs, they were glossy with the fluid, and his colon seemed to be swimming. Randy was almost delirious with hot lust, he was breathing hard and deep in his lungs, the workout he was getting was amazing! "Big Ralph" began to growl, his cock expanded and Randy prepared himself, the hot nude models belle sebastian model best he could, for the blast his body was about to receive. On the side Bobby was jacking off, this was a hot feast for his dark eyes, he looked over at Sal "Sal when do I get my dog, this is so fucking hot. His cock exploded and shot his creamy goo into the air, then splattered on his chest and tummy! Inside of his body the big Mastiff was firing like a bazooka, hot canine sperm filled him to the overflow mode, the excess was running down his legs fast and making two pools of white cream. After sometime the two pools of sperm became one big pool. Randy was exhausted, his sandy hair lay on the grass, if the dog wanted to drag him he could, Randy would make no objection. The director looked over at Sal and gave him thumbs up and whispered "this kid is a find, he's a natural" Sal was so hard; all he wanted was to cum. He motioned for Bobby to bring his naked body over "Bobby suck my cock." Bobby fished russian cute models out Sal's cock and began the relief of Sal's libido. It didn't take long before Bobby was swallowing as fast as he could. Sal's cock blew its top and there was so much that it turned magazines models nude Bobby's chin creamy white, he licked everything clean and scooped the rest from his chin and licked his fingers clean! "Big Ralph" lay on Randy's back, the boy felt drool roll down his back and matted the back of his head. The big cock radiated warmth inside models nude backs of Randy's body, the pulsing was just what Randy needed, his own cock was almost there, nude gir models even though the dog had cum in him, he kept a pumping. "he looked at the director "I'm gonna cum, here I cum" the camera zoomed to his throbbing penis the head began its firing. His own sperm hit the grass and made a pool of his own. Randy and "Big Ralph" were still locked, but "Big Ralph" stayed put, he was topless models thumbnail as tired as Randy and he wasn't going anywhere, he just stayed locked inside of Randy and throbbed and the last of his jism kept flooding Randy. Finally his cock nn model myusernet lost some of its girth and a big `PLOP' broke the silence, "Big Ralph's cock fell out of Randy and the canine found a place in the shade and amt model 4113 licked himself. Randy in slow motion fell in his pool of sperm, he was bushed! "The words `CUT" didn't faze him. Bobby came up ky ls modelscom to Randy, he was still licking the cum from his lips, helped Randy to his feet "Randy we need a shower." Randy looked at him "why do you need a shower, I'm the one with cum down his legs and drool allover my back and hair?" Bobby sat him in the shower and turned the water on their bodies "hell Randy, I had to watch that show, I was in a sweat, I can't wait for one of my own!" He soaped a washcloth and scrubbed his friend. "I gave Sal a blow job and jacked myself off, that was so fucking hot, I would have traded places with you in a heartbeat. Randy and Bobby fell asleep in the sun and Sal covered them before they got burnt. When they awoke they sat in the hot tub and then he took them to Randy's place. His aunts were at the Bingo parlor so they crawled in the bed and slept for over ten hours. Randy forgot to get his money and called Sal "don't worry Randy I have your money, and tell Bobby we will have a Rottweiler for him in a couple of days, Mikey said he wanted to be here to watch Bobby on all fours!Part 4: The making of two boy sluts!Thanks to Cutterman, to the artists (Jellofunk and Heredia) and I hope Mikey had fun!Look for: Part 3 of Stray Boys casandra teen model and Part 6 of "The Red Baseball Cap"!
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